Li JING   荆莉

Founder & CEO
JingLi US


I am dedicated to growing JingLi US ( globally, a pioneer US China elite network and service to connect top 1% of both countries in business meetings, investment and marketing/PR. We are expanding our base from Manhattan New York to other states in the US, Beijing and Shanghai in 2016. With China’s boom of overseas travel and business, we help many top business executives, entrepreneurs, brands and business tourism expand to the US and China. We started our West coast business with a successful business meeting at Amazon so now we connected not only top finance, technology but also Internet and E commerce businesses. I also want to be better balanced in my life, from a happily single CEO to a happy partner one day as well as time with my friends and families. Eventually, I want to grow JingLi US to the #1 network for the smartest and most influential in US and China.

What was your first job, and how did it shape your life?

I got my first paid job at age 9 to perform calligraphy after I became top in my art class. I was so happy! I invested the 10 RMB or $1.5 for a better stamp and got more jobs after. So you can start any age and make money even from something you just learnt.

What books are currently on your bedside table?

The Woman I wanted to be Diane von Furstenberg
Thrive Arianna Huffington

When do you feel most free?

Flying a small plane or helicopter over the ocean even I am afraid of heights! You are free when you have no fear.



An insightful and honest conversation with friends and my support system that inspired me to be better. The older I am, the more I feel how valuable is emotional gifts than materials. Time, heart and soul are the most precious gift I value.


Bermuda! The pink sand is amazing and people drive on the opposite in a car and on the street. Its refreshing!