Weil WU   吴威陵

Grosvenor Holdings, llc.


At an early age, I was fascinated with the word “Architect”. Not knowing what it truly meant, this strong interest have guided and transformed me. I am extremely fortunate to immerse architecture to my life and continue to learn and practice architecture and construction as an entrepreneur for more than 2 decades. I am currently involved in numerous residential & light commercial projects, which includes custom home & condo design, salon & restaurant built outs, and art center renovation. What I enjoy the most is to guide new home owners & entrepreneurs through the complex world of design & construction and bring success to our projects together.             

What was your first job, and how did it shape your life?

My first job was a landscape designer. I was hired to build the model of one of the largest prized park in Chicago. The owner is intelligent, cunning, and is my role-model friend. His intensity and dedication to landscape design and business has opened my eyes and made me further appreciate the art of design and entrepreneurship.

What keeps you awake at night?

I may be awake for some responsibility I may have missed during the day, or just a burst of design idea that can improve one of my projects!


What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?

That I truly work hard but play harder when I can!

What books are currently on your bedside table?

Eighty years of energy - Hsiao Chin’s Retrospect & Prospect. I was recently introduced to this artist by a dear friend of mine. After meeting him and seeing his exhibition at the art museum in Taiwan, I have gained a new perspective of art. However, books of Mie’s & Ando are never far away.
When do you feel most free?
Watching and playing basketball!

What was the last present you gave someone?

A bunny, that gave birth to two more bunnies.

What was the last present you received?

I finally got the dream convertible that I have longed for years.