Yuhan LIU   刘禹含

HAN Media Inc.


Yuhan Liu is among the young leading Chinese media professionals residing in New York. She is most known for her major contribution to the New York Times’ “unvarnished” series: the Price of Nice Nails– a 13-month investigation into the nail salon industry and exposed abusive practices in it. Besides drawing tremendous attention from hundreds of media around the globe, the reporting led to New York Governor Cuomo’s signing Bill of Rights into law to protect immigrant workers. Previously, Yuhan worked for New York Observer and China Daily (中国日报) as a reporter, Executive Editor and video producer; now she runs communications firm HAN Media and also serves as Editor-in- Chief for online magazine NYChina Style. She used to contribute content to renowned media outlets including The Real Deal, ESPN, China Press and Juwai.com (one of China’s most popular real estate trade media).

What was your first job, and how did it shape your life?

My first job was multimedia journalist at China Daily (中国日报)from 2011-2013. The two years of professional training has paved solid ground for me to tap all my journalistic potentials and brought me with crafted and well-rounded skills that later led me to more great opportunities in my career.

What books are currently on your bedside table?

The Ten-Day MBA. (I thought about getting an MBA at NYU, but time is too much a luxury, so I try to grasp some knowledge on management in my spare time while running my communications firm.)

When do you feel most free?

I haven’t felt free enough yet.



It’s very important as it makes you financially independent; and if one day you have more than you need, you can give back to society. I always wanted to sponsor journalism scholarship in the near future as I see how traditional media is suffering and many young students have given up on journalism– their true passion– but instead chosen something more practical. Society needs them, I started to understand this even more after the nail salon investigative reporting I did for the New York Times.


I love dancing Zumba and have been dancing it for 6 years.