Tina CHU   初亭

President and Designer


My company’s business mainly focuses on helping local and overseas medium size business and startups make a full range of design, planning, and consultancy services. Our service includes business cards, branding, web design, marketing, and office arrangement. Besides business, I am also an instructor in college and I work part-time for non-profit organization as a director.

What was your first job, and how did it shape your life?

In college I worked as a saleswoman, selling cell phones. I learned from the job that communications with clients is more important than just selling products to them.

What keeps you awake at night?

I am a perfectionist. I have high demands on all the details of each project, so I spend a lot of time filtering and revising every step of project.

What books are currently on your bedside table?

Grammar Guide. It helps me to fall asleep.


When do you feel most free?

Getting close to the nature. I like to go to the mountains and forests to breath fresh air.

What was the last gift you gave someone?

I gave my boyfriend’s niece a zodiac pendant.

What is your view on money?

Spend money wisely. We can use money to help others who need help. We can also invest money on learning and studying.