1) Your nominees must be of Chinese heritage, (including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, Mainland China, or American Born Chinese).  This is not applicable to the China Hands category, which recognizes non-Chinese individuals who are known for their leadership in relation to China or North America's Chinese community. 

2) Your nominees must reside full-time in North America.  Visa status doesn't matter as long as they essentially reside in North America.    

3) Your nominees must be accomplished in their field by either their creative instincts, or demonstrating philanthropic/non-profit leadership.   Simply being C-level is not quite enough. 

4) Yes, you may nominate yourself if you feel you are deserving.   



1) Academia:   This nominee demonstrates leadership as a professor, researcher, or administrator in a North American academic institution. 

2) Arts:   This nominee demonstrates leadership in the visual arts, performing arts, culinary arts, fashion arts, or other fields calling for artistic innovation.   

3) China Hands:  This nominee is not of Chinese heritage, but is well-known by the Chinese community as a leader in China-related business, arts, culture, language, history, or some aspect of China.  

4) Emerging Leaders: While still under 35 yrs, this nominee already demonstrates leadership in his/her respective field.  Emerging Leader nominees may be from any field. 

5) Entrepreneurship:   This nominee demonstrates the creativity, passion, and dedication to create something out of nothing. Regardless of industry or size, this category is for nominees who have taken risks to pursue their vision - which should solve an important problem in a creative way. 

6) Media:  This nominee demonstrates leadership in journalism, media, advertising, or fields related to media and communications. 

7) Medicine:  This nominee demonstrates leadership all fields related to health, including pharmacy, dentistry, surgery, psychology, and more.  

8) Non-Profit Organizations:  This nominee demonstrates leadership outside his/her day job. Whether 501(c) non-profit chamber of commerce,  association, committee, or other organization, this nominee generously donates his/her free time to board activities. 

9) Philanthropy:  This nominee demonstrates exceptional generosity by giving time and money back to North America's Chinese community.  

10)  Other/ Unknown:   If the nominee you have in mind doesn't cleanly fit into one of the above categories, please submit him/her as Other.   Please note eligibility requirement #3 above.  Successful candidates demonstrate leadership by being either highly creative or notably generous.  Mandarin Leader is not not a rich list. 



1) After you submit the Nomination form, you will receive a confirmation email, but we will not contact your nominees. 

2) Our editorial board will review all nominees, but only the final honorees will be notified via email that they were successfully nominated for Mandarin Leader. You will be copied in to the email.  The nominee may then respond with acceptance, or defer. 

3) Honorees will be invited for a photoshoot in multiple US locations.  Email interviews with honorees will be conducted at the same time. 

4) Mandarin Leader's print publication begins circulation across North America every spring. 

5) Two copies of Mandarin Leader will be sent to each honoree at no charge.  The majority of circulation will be by paid subscription, at events, or direct mailed to a strategic list of city, state, and national elected officials. 

6)  Throughout the year, Honorees from this year, as well as previous years, are invited to receptions with Mandarin Leader partners.