张竤   Hamilton Chang

Executive Editor, Mandarin Leader

Hamilton Chang's mother and father hail from Shanghai, China. His professional expertise is in Finance for a diverse group of clients. For 25 years, he has built a reputation of sound, independent, and pragmatic advice. Mr. Chang has led groups specializing in risk management for Fortune 100 companies, investment banking for not-for-profit/municipal entities, structured/derivative products, and tax-exempt bond trading. His clients have ranged from some of the largest companies across the globe, to established City/Municipal in communities across the nation, to entrepreneurs developing fledgling real estate and senior living projects.

Mr. Chang's roles have included Managing Director- National Manager of the Structured Products Group and Chicago Manager Investment Banking-Public Finance at Oppenheimer and Company. Managing Director- National Head of Structured Products and Co-Manager of the Municipal Finance Group at Ryan Beck and Company, where he managed the firm’s tax-exempt bond sales and trading desks. Managing Director- National Head Structured Products practices at Legg Mason and Ziegler Companies, where he led the respective divisions specializing in the structuring of sophisticated capital access tools. At Bank of America, Mr. Chang was in charge of Regional practices in the West Coast and Midwest regions, where he worked with municipalities, colleges and universities, health systems, water districts, school districts, ports and various other issuers. At First Chicago NBD/BankOne he led the Risk Management and Advisory practice in Asia and Australia consulting on complicated risk management or financing projects. Prior to leading the Asian advisory practice he was responsible for the marketing, structuring and risk management of various portfolios of risk for both the bank and clients. He is currently CEO of a youth sports company.

Mr. Chang has served as a member of the Management Committees and/or Capital Commitments Committees at Oppenheimer and Company, The Ziegler Companies, Legg Mason and Ryan Beck and was formerly a frequently featured speaker on the topics of Finance, balance sheet management, FAS 133/GASB, and risk management at numerous national and regional conferences. 

Mr. Chang holds a University of Chicago Masters Degree with concentrations in Finance and Organizational Behavior, where he one of four recipients of the Dean's Award in his graduating class, as well as a Bachelor's degree from the University of Michigan. 

Mr. Chang is a government official serving as Trustee of New Trier Township, one of the state's premier communities and sits on various boards across the Midwest including the University of Michigan Health System Advisory Group, The Music Institute of Chicago Board of Directors, and is Vice Chair of U.S. Senator Mark Kirk's Asian American Advisory Committee. Hamilton is also a member of the Advisory Board of award-winning Mandarin Communications Group and Executive Editor of Mandarin Leader.  

In 2010 he was recognized by the Association of Chinese-American Scientists and Engineers for “Supporting Chinese American Professional Communities, Promoting Diversity, and Encouraging Asian American Leadership Development.”

In 2013 he was recognized by The Chinese American Association of Greater Chicago with the "Community Contribution Excellence Award".  At the State level, Hamilton is Commissioner of State of Illinois Human Rights commission.

He is an accomplished musician in violin and voice who participates in the Musical Ministries at Kenilworth Union Church. Hamilton is married and has four sons.

张竑为华裔美国人,现任Ballparks of America执行总监;Ballparks of America位于密苏里州的布兰森(Branson)小镇,是一青少棒运动娱乐公司。


曾担任多项管理总监的职位,包括:Oppenheimer and Company公司结构性金融产品全国经理及大众金融投行芝加哥经理;Ryan Beck and Company公司旗下市政金融集团的全国结构性金融产品总监及经理,他负责管理免税证券销售及证券交易;Legg Mason and Ziegler Companies公司的全国结构性金融产品总监,他负责领导创建资金取得工具的部门;在美国银行(Bank of America),张负责管理中西部及西岸分布的运行,与市民、大学、医疗系统、水务、学校机关、海港及众多其它机构交涉;在First Chicago NBD/BankOne,他负责领导风险管理部门及亚洲、澳洲业务的风险管理顾问部门,在领导亚洲地区业务之前,他负责行销、结构并为该银行及其顾客提供风险管理顾问。

張竑曾经在多间公司担任管理委员职位,包括:Oppenheimer and Company、The Ziegler Companies、Legg Mason、Ryan Beck,他也经常受邀在许多全国性及地区性的财经会议上演讲,分享关于财经、收支平衡管理、FAS 133/GASB及风险管理等议题。


同时也任多项政府职位,包括伊州最富庶城镇之一的New Trier Township委员、由州长Rauner派任的人权委员会委员、美国参议员Mark Kirk的亚裔顾问委员会副会长;他也担任众多机构董事会委员,包括密歇根大学医疗系统顾问集团以及芝加哥音乐学校。




他同时也是一位杰出的小提琴家及声乐家,他是Kenilworth Union Church音乐部的一员。张已婚并育有四个儿子。