Harry Winston Reception

September 26, 2015

Harry Winston and Mandarin Leader co-hosted a reception in Chicago for 2015 Mandarin Leader honorees in Chicago. The evening's program included networking, refreshments, and an introduction to Harry Winston's Secret's collection by General Manager Joe Lombardo.  This reception represented the types of invite-only gatherings hosted by Mandarin Leader and our clients.   

Serendipity Labs Chinese Entrepreneur Reception

July 15, 2015

Mandarin Leader hosted a reception on July 14th to recognize Chinese entrepreneurship in Chicago.  Mandarin Leader, MCG's media brand editorially focused on success in North America’s Chinese communities, acted as media host.  Wells Fargo Business Banking was a sponsor for the event, Serendipity Labs was the venue partner, and Chicago Innovation Awards served as content partner. 

The evening's program included welcome remarks from MCG Chief Executive John W. Robinson Jr, and Mandarin Leader Executive Editor Hamilton Chang.  Luke Tanen from Chicago Innovation Awards offered perspective on how innovation in Chicago can be understood, and how the Chicago Innovation Awards is supporting entrepreneurs in Chicago by recognizing the most innovative solutions with a high profile award.   

The July 14th reception was part of the Chicago Innovation Award's efforts to more effectively connect with resident Chinese entrepreneurs and business leaders.  

The keynote interview of Jim Wong, CEO of Brilliant, was conducted by Tracy Xu, Board Member of the China Executive Club, an organization with a mission to serve the needs of Chinese companies doing business in the US, and headquartered in Chicago.  

Ms. Xu posed questions to Mr. Wong about how success can be achieved in business and how his Chinese heritage has influenced his career trajectory.    Mr. Wong's company, Brilliant, was recently named the fastest growing company in Chicago by Crain's Chicago business.  

The second interview segment included investment banker Jia Peng interviewing Rick Dudek of Wells Fargo about financial considerations for small and medium-size companies.  Rick emphasized that early stage companies should have a clearly-defined plan for their business, and how they intend to either fulfill loan obligations and deliver ROI to investors.  

The final segment of the program was a panel discussion of four Chinese executives who were asked to offer advice to the Mayor and Governor on how to attract more Chinese businesses and investors to the City and State.  Panelists Vince Tan, Anson Wu, Joe Tianyi Zhu, and Quan Zhang each offered specific advice on what Chinese executives prioritize, their decision-making, and how the City and State could more effectively attract in-bound Chinese investors.

The final segment concluded with MCG Chief Executive Mr. Robinson offering closing remarks on how Chinese entrepreneurship in Chicago is in fact one of the most compelling assets the City and State should be leveraging to attract Chinese businesses, investors, students, and even families. Mr. Robinson emphasized that "of course Chinese are welcome, as all economic development groups in North America will claim; however, in-bound Chinese corporates and investors are interested in seeing hard evidence that Chicago is place where Chinese can succeed”.  The July 14th event clearly showcased that the City of Chicago and State of Illinois are locations where Chinese can realize their business visions, regardless of industry-focus or company size.    


Apple Innovators Reception

February 3, 2015

Apple and Mandarin Leader co-hosted a reception for 2015 Mandarin Leader honorees in Chicago. The panel discussion focused on innovation and included 2015 honorees Steven Lee of Opternative, Joy Tang of Markable, Zhu-Song Mei of BigMarker, and Joe Zhu Tianyi of MyFitDog.  The session was moderate by 2015 honoree Amy Lee Segami.   The panel discussion on innovation was followed by a networking reception.