ContinuumSF 2016
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ContinuumSF 2016

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ContinuumSF 2016 Innovation and Credit Conference connects professionals and policymakers on both side of the Pacific Ocean. See hundreds of exhibitors from the most dynamic sectors in the U.S. and China; information technology, clean technology and real estate. Startups to multinational corporations network to expand their reach at ContinuumSF. Industry leaders from the US and China speak and share their experiences.

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 Doing Deals with China and Silicon Valley: Investing, Startups, Marketing, Angels
5:30 PM17:30

Doing Deals with China and Silicon Valley: Investing, Startups, Marketing, Angels

China’s investors are aggressively making investments in both early and advanced stage startups in Silicon Valley such as Angel List. Although Chinese investors have traditionally invested in manufacturing, real estate, and production, now they are investing in venture funds and directly in startups. In addition, major Chinese retailers such as large e-commerce company are opening offices in the US.  

Startups Seeking Funding: Learn how you can take advantage of this trend of Chinese tech leaders and investors now seeking investment opportunities in Silicon Valley. 
Investors Raising Funds: Learn how to attract Chinese investors to invest in your fund.

These investors invest in these markets:
Hardware, Internet of Things, Digital Media, Mobile Apps/Devices

Understanding Chinese Investors for Funds: 

1.   Who are the Chinese investors and how do you meet them?
2.   Why are they now seeking digital investments in the US?  
3.   When do they invest, early or later stage? 
4.   What will they seek when investing in a fund?
5.   What will they look for to invest such as--revenue, customers, US investors, brand, and partners.
6.   What types of startups, products or services are most attractive? Should they be ventures that can expand to Chinese markets? 
7.   How do you contact and attract Chinese Investors?

How Startups Attract Chinese Investors:
1.   How can US venture funds raise funding from Chinese investors? What are implications for US and Chinese companies each expanding their retail business?
2.   What should you know about legal, marketing and regulatory implications for partnerships between US and China?
3.   How do you develop connections with Chinese investors if you are based in the US?
4.   What are opportunities for partnerships or raising money from Chinese incubators for development of:  Internet of Things, Wearables, Cloud, Mobile, Hardware, Components, Wireless and Services. eCommerce, Games, Retail?
5.   China's skills in managing supply chains make it a leader in the hardware end of high-tech manufacturing. How does China and SV compare for technical innovation
6.   How do they compare for manufacturing?


5:30-6:30 Networking, food, drinks, demo tables
6:30-800 Program and panel, startup pitches

8:00-8:30 Networking

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Chinese Women Entrepreneurs in San Francisco
2:03 PM14:03

Chinese Women Entrepreneurs in San Francisco

爱瑜伽,爱美酒,爱有机食品,爱运动,爱健康的生活方式 —— 这些描述的是你吗?如果你已经成功躺枪,那么千万不要错过11月21日星期六旧金山女性创业会与怡时刻为你带来的一场瑜珈加美酒的私派对哦!


活动现场不仅有专业瑜伽老师带领90分钟Vinyasa瑜伽形体课,我们亲自挑选有机零食满足你的胃,还有美酒作陪,更有与怡时刻创始人、健康生活专家Limiao的交流沙龙,听一听她的创业历程与生活体验,分享加州的留学经历是如何吸引她成为健康生活的领袖,并由此创立了健康生活平台Circle Chic怡时刻。







Limiao Cheng - Circle Chic 怡时刻创始人


Limiao毕业于伯克利Hass商学院,曾在硅谷及亚洲各地从事消费品、科技与互联网方向的风险投资工作。她热爱滑雪、网球、高尔夫、潜水、帆船以及各种类型的户外运动。作为一名地道的北京人,她爱中国的传统文化,也正是因为这份热爱,她致力于为中国的发展与进步作出自己的贡献。在美国与亚洲工作旅行的多年间,Limiao一直渴望能通过中西文化兼容并包的形式帮助中国人拥有健康积极的生活方式。旧金山的独特韵味以及积极向上的生活节奏使其成为了世界闻名的健康生活之都,在这里,Limiao创立了Circle Chic怡时刻,立志用爱心将这种健康美好的生活状态带回中国。



2015年11月21日星期六2:30m - 5:30pm


2:30pm - 3:45pm: 美食美酒加沙龙交流(附近公园picnic style)

4:00am - 5:30pm: 瑜伽课时间



Hoover Park Picnic Area, Cowper St, Palo Alto 野餐桌椅处见面


Samyama Yoga Center, 2995 Middlefield Rd, Palo Alto, CA



活动费用:Early Bird $15;Regular $20


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